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the first liaison of those two guys might be entitle as a generation clash.
the 30 year young gun kitt bang became a famous munich resident in the past 10 years for instance the zombocombo freaktheatre. the old dog enne spins and produces records sice almost 30 years. he created an remixed stuff for labels like:compost, permanent vacation, nang, universal just to name a few.
the spatial - funky - weird - dance music you hear on this demo cd is the result of plenty hours studio sessions  by using minimoog, microkorg & similar stuff analog devices furthermore live guitar of guest musician simon i.t.c. with this 3 track 12 inch they tried to go a step beyond of the actual nu disco make it round included a remix by migumatix (freaktown, pasta music)
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 By searchin´ for a concise description in favour this guy, we found the word „chameleonic“, which means very versatile. Its not easy to categorize this artist and he won´t get pigeonhole to something.
The first musical experience in front of an audience he had around 1977 (age 14) with dj performances at a sunday afternoon teadance and saturday evening youth party at a local dancing school at his hometown innsbruck.
Hereupon he started to play drums in a local rockband. Till summer 1983 while clubbing at the garda lake area in Italy, where he was hit by the afro-funky-cosmic disco sound, a really revelation. He quit drumming and started his DJ career at hometown Innsbruck - Austria as resident at the legendary Galaxy Club. The music at the Galaxy was similar like the Cosmic and Typhoon Discotheque, a wildstyle mixture of: jazz, funk, fusion, german electronics, dub, spacy disco & brazilian stuff. At this time the tracks were not quantisized at all and the mixingconsoles didnt have any gadgets, effects and equalizer like nowadays and mixing records was a real challenge, but for a skilled drummer quite easy.
End of the 80s he bought his first sampleplayer and computer, a Casio FZ1 and an Atari ST4, to geht some more experience in music production. But there schould be pass by  more than one decade till his first record, a whitelabel 4track ep.
In the last 10 years he released a lot of own tracks and remixes for labels like: Bikini rec. Compost, Permanent Vacation, Tirk, Nang, Jalapeno just to mention a few.
In addition a bulk of tracks had been licenced for Compilations as: Brazilectro, FM4 Soundselection, Timewrp inc. etc...
The album "The Groove Collage" in cooperation with ed royal came out in March 2007.
Tired to use mostly sample libaries, he expand his musician skills with a private piano education. And now, 3 years after it´s time for the next strike!
CHAMELEONIC the first solo album of enne shows all the differend facets of his electronic & organic music influences that he had in the last 30 years.
From spatial & dubby downtempo above groovie midtempo up to zippy electronic & disco.
All tracks, arrangements and a good portion of instruments plus some lyrics and vocals  has been written and performed by the chameleonic guy Enne!
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The SPATIAL DISCO compilation is presenting the essence of French Disco:
The best of Spatial & Co, Disco & Co, Voyage and Arpadys!
Arpadys was a studio assembled group headed by the bassist Sauveur Mallia. The original 1977 Arpadys self titeld album is solid eBay material and it goes for €€€ if you can find one. For the first time ever on CD and fully remastered from the Tele Music archive you’ll find the space disco masterpieces Monkey Star, Stone Roller and Funky Bass.
The series of Spatial & Co and Disco & Co albums on the Tele Music Label were libary-only LPs to be used in film and television and also much sought after by collectors. The selected tracks are also for the first time ever released on CD.
Voyage was the chart-topping, multi-million-selling trio of Marc Chantereau, Pierre Alain Dahan and Slim Pezin. The CD compilation contains the rare instrumental versions of I Love You Dancer and Point Zero.
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The Spatial Disco series continues with the best of the library albums „Cosmosynthetic“, „Percussions Modernes“ and „Automation“ from the legendary TELE MUSIC label. After the hype about the cult disco album „Arpadys“ Sauveur Mallia needs no introduction. Volume 2 focuses on his electronic productions from 1981 to 1984. The artwork was done by the Berlin based artist Rémy Mouton.
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Dogs of War are a real disco curiosity. Unbeknownst to most the man behind this act was Pat Deserio. Deserio was one of the Canadian pioneers, dishing up that addictive electronic disco of Montreal. In 1977 he released the self titled LP by Dogs of War on his Generation Records. The four man group were only together for this one LP. However, bass and vocals man Jack August would team up with guitarist and music engineer John Hagopian from the album to form  
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Wicked compilation of some highly sought after leftfield disco obscurities!
Berlin Express / 4:08 To Paris Tom Ware / Chinatown Moebius-Plank-Neumeier / Pitch Control Anna / Systems Breaking Down (Dance Version) Jyl / Electric Lady Richard Bone / Mambopolis. This great selection of rare electro/wave/disco/cosmic tracks should be able to plug some holes in even the biggest of record collections! Top leftfield disco action!
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Mecanica Popular was founded in 1980, by Luis Delgado and Eugenio Muñoz. They were both sound technicians and worked together at RCA Studios in Madrid back in the days. The album „Baku: 1922“ which was originally released in 1987 was a great follow up to their debut release „Que Sucede Con El Tiempo?“ from 1984. It contains revised versions of the previous released tracks „La Edad Del Bronze“ and „Daguerrotipo“. The album title refers to the monumental concert from 1922 in the capital of Azerbaijan.
„Baku: 1922“ is a legendary industrial record from these two spanish electronic experimentalists. Great mechanic rythmic workouts and weird atmospheres all over.
In the beginning of 2010 they will also come up with a new album called „Neguentropia“ released by Warner Music.

Volume 5 of the electrounique compilation series selected by the viennese DJ Chris Rhythm. Hot and osbcure early electro-wave-disco. Including the rare track 'Die Wespendomina' by Die Dominas!